Takamine EG440C-STRY Reviews 5

The color of this guitar is a beautiful Flame Maple Red on all sides of the guitar. (top, Back and sides) The sound is INCREDIBLE!!! trust me, I have played many acoustics looking for the right sound and style. This is the only guitar that stood out to me and sounded so well. I've been playing for nearly 10 years now and know by now ( At least I should lol) what sound I need, the kind of 'feel' on the neck and when you hold the guitar. All aspects of this Takamine met the requirments.

I got this guitar as a 15th birthday gift. (best present EVER! equalsD ) I got it from my local C.A House of Music. For brand new I got the guitar for around 450-500 dollars.

Everything is spectacular about this guitar. The feel is great, the neck feels almost just like an electric guitar neck, the body style awesome, The finish is just plain GORGEOUS!

Nothing negative to describe about this guitar!!!

The construction is well done, the quality is so excelent it could probably beat a taylor brand guitar, like I said before the finish is to die for!

All I can say about this guitar is WOW! Never played another guitar like it! Sends chills up my back every time I play it.

Ms_Metal rated this unit 5 on 2011-08-09.

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