Takamine EG540C-STBY Reviews 5

After Bouncing back and forth between the EG523SC and the EG540C I Finally decided to to go with the EG540C, do to the color and reviews I read about the model. I did a lot of research on the internet to find the lowest price. Once I did I called the local Guitar Center and asked if they would match the price of $372.95. They called back and said they would sell it for $360.00 even. Now, keep in mind. This guitar IS NOT a factory 2nd.

I now own four Takamines. The G332, G230, G116 and now the EG540C-STBY. As with all of them, I love the Action on them and the width of the neck on the all three steel strings. I love playing electric guitar and takamine comes the closest to feeling like an electic. The big thing that sold me on the EG540C was the sound. It's much like a mini Jumbo and the pre-amp that comes with it (TK4NT)is absolutely perfect. The TK-4NT Pre-amp comes with volume control, bass, middle and treble frequency slider controls, EQ bypass, a Notch Filter and a Mid Contour Switch. What more could you ask for. Also, for those who have not seen the flamed maple in person, you are really missing out.

Nothing at all. And trust me, I really try to find flaws cuz when it comes to spending money I get real picky.

Body Shape: NEX Rosette: Concentric Rings Top: Flamed Maple Inlays: Dots Back: Flamed Maple Sides: Flamed Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Electronics: TK4NT Tuners: Chrome Quality is perfect, be it look, sound, and feel. Again the action on the EG540C or anyother model is soft and easy on the fingers.

For those interested on buying a first Elec/Acustic, this would be in the top 5. It has everything you need and will last forever. Takamine is all about quality and that is why I own Four different model.

Clint Bell TriCity Area.....Baltmore,DC,Annapolis rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-16.

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