Takamine EG540SC Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar w/ an awesome case for about 550.00 through a store in Oklahoma City via Ebay. It was brand new. I had been playing my other Takamine Acoustic for years and was in need of a new one. I talked my wife into letting me buy it when I returned from Iraq.

The guitar sounds awesome!! It rivals any mid range guitar and even goes well against some higher end guitars. The guitar looks really good and plays very comfortably. The action is perfect , however I had it adjusted before it got here. The guitar sounds even better plugged in. The onboard tuner is perfect for quick tuning during a show or good for the new guy trying to stay tuned.

The only thing I noticed is one of the tuners slips a little. A little adjustment and it should be a-ok.

Construction is solid and durable. For a guitar under 700.00 the quality is exceptional!!

Bottom line is I love this guitar. I can't afford those top of the line acoustics on Marine Corps pay, but I can get close to the sound and quality with this guitar. I actually would rather have this than most Taylors or Martins I have played. The sound is sweet...the quality is exceptional for the price...the price is awesome.

Jay rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-04.

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