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My daughter plays guitar and flute. She has been playing guitar for 1 year and flute for 3 years. She plays flute in band at school and is hoping to play guitar in the youth group at church.

We purchased the Takamine at Guitar Center for $499 as a Christmas present for my daughter. We searched the internet and compared prices along with trying a variety of styles for sound and comfort.

What we like most is the sound. Along with the small body size (NEX body) that makes it very comfortable to play for my 14 year old daughter. The action is very smooth and the strings are set closer to the neck so it is easier on her fingers than her beginner guitar.

There is nothing I don't like about this guitar.

The EG544SC has a solid cedar top and Koa sides and back. It has Built-in electronics the NEWLY UPDATED TK-40 preamp tuner with more sensitive fully chromatic tuner, graphic EQ, feedback reducer & more! It has atractive inlays and the Koa wood grain is stunnning. Takamine's quality is excellent as thier reputaion exhibits.

We love this guitar and couldn't be happier. Great guitar for the money. She will be playing this for many years to come!

Linda rated this unit 5 on 2005-11-12.

Purchased this guitar at Guitar Center ($399.00). The first one I bought had a few flaws, so I took it back. Flaws were: 1) Cosmetic flaw on side towards where the neck meets the body, 2) ribbing was cracked on one side where the bottom met the side, 3) the label inside the body said it was a 501S (obviously wrong -since the 501S is not a cutaway). I contacted Takamine by email and never heard from them, so I took it back. Guitar Center people were very good about it. Took the unit back and FedEx'd one brand new in the box from another Guitar Center store. I'm just learning to play guitar (keyboard player for 20 years) - just had one lesson so far. I've tinkered on guitar in the past but I don't really play. This guitar was recommended to me by a friend who I trust and said my old Yamaha nylon string was hard to play.

The new unit I got is beuatiful. The finish and quality of workmanship is excellent. The label inside is correct. I like the tuner that is built into the pickup electronics - this seems like a great idea - mine stays in tune anyway. I love the sound. I compared it with several other models in the same price range, other Takamine, Yamaha, and Ovation and this is the one I preferred. I thought it sounded warmer than the others.

Even the new unit I got has a tiny cosmetic flaw on the sound hole towards the neck end - a very tiny chip is missing - like it got hit on the edge with a hard tool. I'm new to buying guitars, so perhaps it's impossible to find a perfect specimen and I'm being too picky.

Other than what I just mentioned, the construction is excellent. I loved the look of the red colored model that was cheaper, but it didn't have a solid top and didn't sound as good. I'm very glad I went with the sound, and the natural color of this model has grown on me - I just love looking at it. In the light it's stunning.

I'm just learning, but I know what I like and I've been around the music business for some time. I really don't know how I could have done any better. This guitar sounds great, looks great, has a pre with a bunch of options including a tuner, and I got it for under 400 bills.

Jeffrey Scott Petro rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-21.

These guitars do exsit you just have to order from guitar center bc takamine makes it only for guitar center. You can get it there for $500

It is a 2003 with solid center top and koa back and sides it is a very light color guitar with snow flack inlays and a tk4n preamp

that is a lamanated back and sides

very nice and good for the money

this is a great guitar for beganer to pros

adam rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-19.

I bought this guitar at the Guitar Center for $500. I play weekly at church at least 3 times a week and I needed a good guitar that can handle the amount of play and had a low action.

I thought this unit was beautiful and well crafted. Lastly, this guitar is so easy to play that its doesn't feel like an acoustic electric. This guitar also comes with a built-in tuner with the piezo pickup and a notch filter. Best guitar I've found for the price.

The only drawback with this guitar is that you'll really need to have an acoustic pickup to get the good sound and notice the notch settings changes. Other than that there aren't any drawbacks to this guitar.

It has some nice inlays on the fretboard and around the soundhole. It also has some beautiful woods. A Cedar Top and some well crafted sides and back.

This guitar is the best guitar for the price and it has so many other features added on for that price you can't go wrong.

Adam Porrata rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-09.

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