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I have been playing for 40 years and doing about 70 to 80 shows a year for the last 10. I've played mainly in acoustic rock bands with 2 - 5 members. I've been solo and duo for the last 5 years. I grew up with the Beatles, but really enjoy the newer stuff like Dave Matthews.

I bought this EN12C-12 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in 1997. Paid $850 (used)with the hardshell case. It's my first Tak, after two Martin 12's. I got lucky - the guitar had a "sold" sign on it, but the salesman told me the guy was 2 weeks late picking it up. I bought it 10 minutes later.

This is simly the best guitar I have ever owned. The action is great and the electronics have always worked perfectly. I can't say enough about this guitar. I've only had it to a luthier once, and that was because it got damaged at a show. My fault, not the guitar's. I wish I could find another one. It is so much better than the Martins, which were high maintenence items. This is an absolute workhorse.

In 9 years I have nothing bad to say about this guitar.

I'm not a technical person, and I bought this guitar used, so I have no information about its construction. Undoubtedly well made.

If you are interested in a 12-string, this can't be beat for the money (if you can find one). Like I said, I wish I could find another. I'm looking.

Roy rated this unit 5 on 2007-02-21.

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