Takamine FF-3075 Reviews 4

I would first like to say that this is a very good guitar and it is not very expensive for how it sounds. I purchased it at a nearby local store called Q Systems Music & Sound. At $750.00, it was a steal!

I especially like the almost near-to-perfect action. I would like to mention the lightweight design and never gets out-of-tune. The sound is astonishing and crystal clear. No buzzing or humming even if you are a beginer!

I have to say that every masterpiece has its ups and downs. So I guess that I should tell you that sometimes the pegs down at the bridge of the guitar by the sound hole. I think thats about it.

It uses a classical design on the inside and its made of wood. There is no squeaking inside or any unwanted sounds in the entire body.

I think this guitar is perfect for intermediate to professional players but if you are a beginner its ok for you too! Definetly a need. If you buy it from Musicians Friend dot com. If you don't know anything about guitars and you are having a really hard time choosing the best guitar for only a certain amount of money. Many people would say based on their guitar that they wrote a review on that you should definetley get this guitar, but this review is only to help you choose not to make you choose.

David Armendariz rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-28.

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