Takamine G Series 12-string Reviews 5

christmas morning, i woke up to find a guitar case behind the love seat. Inside, i found my second guitar, which my father decided would be best if it were a 12-string. I dont know the price, but I'm thinking late hundreds or early-thousand. Its a professional guitar and i absolutely love every aspect of it, already

It's light, electric, and gives a really full sound. Easy on the fingers, each string feels nice and comfortable on your hand, and its almost too easy to play. It plays itself. (figuratively)

There isn't much flaw in the guitar at all, so i have no complaints

The quality is very nice. The body has a light honey yellow, polished to perfection. Very smooth, and very nice to play.

This is single-handedly the best acoustic guitar i've ever played.

Nick rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-25.

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