Takamine G335 12 String Reviews 5

The G335 12 string acoustic electric guitar by Takamine is a whole lot of guitar for not too much cash.

I bought this NOS in store model with case for $375. The only wear on it was from light demoing done in the store. Consider it broken in? Consider it a deal, I like it.

The guitar has a big ol' body that gives the guitar a unique full bodied loud sound. When you strum an open D you feel it and hear it! Back to the full body sound. Many mid level 12 strings can sound thin and tinny. This one had the guts I needed. I can play it acoustically for jamming with friends or plug in the decent Takamine onboard pickup for when I need to take this guitar to the stage.

The negatives are you look down and see that the headstock doesn't say Gibson! No, I only kid. Improvements? Well the stock pickups are just OK. Fishman makes a better, higher output pickup. I may experiment with some preamps to see if I can't get a little more PA response from this guitar.

The body is what I would describe as a jumbo dreadnaught. 20 frets (up to 15 before the body forms around the neck) The top is spruce and the back and sides are made of Bubinga. Bubinga is a newer wood in the guitar world. I place it between rosewood and mahogany. It is a very live sounding wood.

As a gigging acoustic guitarist I needed a 12 string on a medium budget that I could rely as well as rock out on every night to add some variety to my set. The G335 did just that!

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-11-22.

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