Takamine Jasmine ES31C Reviews 5

Purchased through Sam Ash for $175.00

I wanted one for years, after playing one at a local guitar shop, but I couldn't afford their asking price... then I found it at Sam Ash's website for less than half what I would've paid. Shocking, to say the least. Hands down, a very fine guitar. Versatile and sleek in appearance, but none of that matters when you strum that first E-Chord.

The action was much higher than I'm accustomed to... but I've remedied that. There isn't a second peg at the bottom of the neck to attach a strap... it's bothersome when I'm playing to re-adjust mid-song, where the guitar has slid dangerously out of reach. And, My current rig uses powered monitors, not a powered mixer. Since the built in pickup doesn't use a battery, I have to buy a preamp to amplify the guitar at the mixer.

Very sturdy guitar. Couldn't tell you why, it just feels solid. But the sound of this guitar could sell it all by itself. That it looks good, too, means you can't go wrong.

Overall a great guitar, a couple oversights in my opinion, But in terms of cost, sound, style, and playability, this guitar IS what you call "More Bang for your Buck!"

Mike rated this unit 5 on 2005-08-11.

Music Mac Hawaii for $169.00

It's got good action, good sound. It's backed by a reputable company that I've bought more than one guitar from.

It would be nice to have a solid top, but for the price??? I'll take it!

It's a dreadnaught that has nato back and sides, spruce top, a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. Great finishes (black w/31 and natural w/35). It has a nice warm tone, but doesn't compromise projection. It comes with the standard Takamine pickup. It sports an adjustable neck and the action is smooth.

I tried a lot of the more expensive guitars when I bought this one and none of them offered the sound or the action that this one did except for a thousand dollar custom shop takamine made from Hawaiian Koa wood. Buy it. I've purchased three different instruments (drums, electric, and acoustic) from Kaman Music and I haven't been let down yet. I would support anything they sell for beginners or advanced players.

Andraklass rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-13.

Aquired online ZZOUNDS MUSIC.Paid $159.00. ZZouns is a company out of New Jersey, my home state. Dealt with them several times,quick shipments and great deals on their equiptment. I personally think they got the best deals online.

Beautiful finish and great rich sound both acoustically and plugged in using the built in electric pickup setup.

The tuners work okey but could use an upgrade to better precision tuners Grover ect..Action could be a tad lower,but I'm not complaining ,the price is definately right for the overall quality!

I've been playing for a long long time. played the best Fenders and Gibsons out there,and I was seriously impressed with the fine construction of this guitar.In a nutshell it is solidly put together.Deep rich tones that you usually only here from Taylors and Martins.

Don't listen to anyone who would call this guitar a beginner model!I would take this guitar out on any proffessional gig without hesitation.For the Sound , Construction ,and price you won't find a better guitar! It gets two thumbs up in my book!

John Ellick rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-07.

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