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Purchased at retail music store, Endless Music, Tunkhannock PA. Wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I am a pianist. I paid $99.00 + sales tax.

In the vernacular of the true neophyte, it's 'swell.' The fit, finish, tone, and overall construction of this instrument belies its price by a considerable margin. Highly recommended.

Perhaps could use an upgrade in the tuning mechanism(s).

This is a steel stringed guitar with a thinner neck than a classical style. The overall construction is good; and quite unexpected in an entry level instrument...esp. in this price range.

If you are looking for a quality entry level guitar, or a second guitar for not a lot of money, this has to be one of the best entries in that category. Nice tone, good projection, aesthetically pleasing to look at. You can't go wrong with this piece.

Mark Swan rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-27.

Randy's Music Mart. Wife got it for me, as a Christmas gift, to replace my black Ibanez, that I pawned back in 94' or 95'.(Big, Big mistake!!) I believe she paid $189 for the Takamine Jasmine almost three years ago. Salesman said he would put it up against an Ibanez any.( umm.....I don't think so)

Nice looking.good price

Too much buzz. Thought it was me, seen as how I only knew three chords when I got it. I replaced the strings with some $12 Martin strings, gave time to break them in, but the buzz always seemed to come back. Too hard to fret for a beginner. Neck seemed to wide. I should have checked this when I bought it, but went with the sales pitch vs. the Ibanez.

Average, the finish started to crack along the back, where the neck and body come together. This guitar stayed under the bed until summer(temp controlled, no humidity) this year, when I decided to get serious and learn to play one way or another. So No abuse was subjected to this unit. Shoot, it still looked like new when I sold it again to purhase another Ibanez, just a few days ago. I think they need to work on the neck a little more firm. But for the price, I guess you get what you pay for.

Good guitar for beginner if you have long fingers. Bar chords were very hard for me to fret on this guitar. This buzzing kept throwing me off on the chords. This guitar is fine for those whom already have have the xperience playing and their fingers and wrist can stretch. Playability is very hard for short extensions.Unless you have some long and strong fingers, this would be hard for a beginner. Try an Ibanez or something with easier fretting and longer lasting, with clear tones. It's worth paying another hundred or $150 for a little higher quality. This one is great for just horsing around, but that's about it!

Lance Saaristo rated this unit 2 on 2003-11-11.

Bought for $99.00 from Musicians Friend. I decided at the ripe old age of 35 to learn to play the guitar. I had actually ordered another, but since it was taking so long, I ordered this one off the internet.

Action is very low, which I like, and playability is excellent. Sound quality is very good. Neck is also thin, which is easier to fret for us beginners.

Nothing. Guitar is a great value for the money. Where else can you get this type of quality for $99.00?

Guitar is nicely finished in satin. Construction is excellent with no visible marks or blemishes. Top is laminated, but looks solid unless you look really close. Fretboard is rosewood, with nato neck and laminated back and sides.

I would definitely recommend this guitar for beginners and experienced players alike.

Jeff rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-25.

I bought this guitar at a music store when I was looking to purchase a new acoustic guitar. I pai about 299.00

I love this guitar as far as sound goes. It has stayed in good shape so far

I dont like the action being so high

It is pretty well built like any other acoustic guitar

If you are looking for a begginer guitar, or just one to play around the house this guitar is perfect

Mikel Collins rated this unit 3 on 2002-12-23.

I was looking for a cheap guitar to learn on. I searched around the web and eventually found this guitar on E-bay for $77.00 (new). I bought this particular guitar because it seemed to be the best quality for the least amount of money.

This guitar is of exceptional quality for its price. It sounds fairly good and is aesthetically pleasing.

This guitar has two main flaws. The first is that it tends to not stay in tune that well between sessions. (That could be a result of being thrown around my room and stuff but who knows). The other problem is when youre playing loud, there's some buzzing. The buzzing isn't real bad, just annoying.

The neck is thin, which allows for easier playing, especially when you are just learning how to play. Despite being thin, the entire guitar is very sturdy. I've dropped the guitar several times and it doesnt even have a scratch.

All in all, this is an good guitar. All of my guitar-playing friends are jealous of this guitar because it sounds good and also the price. I reccomend this for beginners who want to learn to play, and for experienced players who want a guitar that they can throw in the back of their car (who needs a case!?) and mess around with.

Alex Overall rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-16.

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