Takamine John Jorgensen Reviews 5

Purchased from local dealer for about $1100. I was attracted to the DSP electronics on the guitar.

The guitar is eye candy. It is very solidly constructed. It plays well and has perhaps the best electronics package I have ever played on an electric acoustic. It can sound like an electric guitar or a very bright acoustic, just with a few button punches, and offers a very large variety of tone with various preset digital effects. It also has an built in / onboard tuner with it.

If there is something I don't like it would be that the neck is a bit wide for an acoustic and the digital processor confuses all the electronic tuners. Fortunately it has it's own onboard tuner, and it works just fine. Another thing I would like is an on/off power switch. Power is activated by plugging in your chord. It uses AA batteries and they don't last all that long. Wish it had a switch. It has a mute button, but it still uses power. Probably only get about 6 hours out of a set of batteries.

Excellent construction. Heavy build. In fact, maybe a little too heavy.

Great acoustic electric guitar. You could not go wrong with this one. There are improvements that Takamine could do, but overall, the variety and excellence of tone out of this guitar is second to none.

rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-01.

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