Takamine GX 100 TB Reviews 5

I find the guitar on e-bay and did'nt know that Takamine made electric guitars!! So I was curious and try to find something about it on the net and wrote a e-mail to the Takamine dealers in England and Amerika. One said: excuse my? It was to long ago. The other said: well these guitars where made between '82-'84. I paid about 105 dollar

The shape is a bit like an Explorer. Black. And the sound is great, heavy and strong.

I don't dislike a thing about this guitar....well one small problem...he can't stand straight up....

The guitar have a setneck and is totaly made of mahogany, two hum's, a tone and a volume controle and a knob to switch the hum's. It have a tremelo arm. The guitar play's very easy and fast. The sustain is great and the action also

This guitar looks like a heavy metal guitar, and yes you can use him for that kind of music, but it also sounds great for jazz and blues licks. In a short time it becames one of my favourite guitars and I've played al lot of guitars (Fender strat, Gibson Victory etc.)

Cornelis Verweij rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-27.

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