Tama HC12R Cymbal Stand Reviews 5

Long & McQuade, $52 CDN. Bought it to replace my lousy CB 4510 which broke.

It's strong and it's cheap. The construction is excellent, as are the other features (see "Construction & Quality" below). It came with good felts, too.

Nothing. It's great.

It's very strong for such a low price. The tilt adjustment stays nicely in place. The cymbal screw is nice and long and has a very nice plastic sleeve on it. Instead of the traditional wing nut to hold the cymbal on, it has a cool black plastic nut with ridges for grip. I know that sounds flimsy but it's fantastic.

This is the best value I've ever seen in a stand. It has a stronger feel to it than a $120 Pearl stand that I was looking at.

Drummer Dave rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-01.

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