Tama Iron Cobra Lever High Hat Stand Reviews 5

I have heard lots of reviews of this product from friends and magazines so I figured i'd buy it from Interstatemusic.com. Great Value too. I paid 150$ And it is well worth the money.

The options are incredible. Great for the serious drummer with lots of gear n cybals, this Hi Hat stand can be moved to just about any angle and has lots of adjustments. It is very sensitive which is great, It gives you lots of options to play with. Adjustable tension is also a plus. Plus you can spin the legs so they don't get into the way of any other legs from stands.

To be honest there isn't really any negative things about this product. Tama has stood up to it's name and reputation.

Double braced, solid thick construction is definately a plus for durability. I've had this hi hat stand for over 2 years now and have had absolutely no problems 2.4.04.

This is a great stand for any player whether it be a begginner or intermediate player. I would definately recommend it to anyone else. If you have any questions email me dostie1@yahoo.com.

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-04.

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