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I bought this pedal from Guitar Center for $300--one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. I needed a new bass drum pedal after my DW 5002 got broken in a move. I played on this pedal, and it was a very smooth and fast pedal at first glance. I also read customer reviews on it, and it got high marks. I guess mine was an exception.

When it's working properly (which isn't that often), it's a fast pedal with a smooth action.

After about a minute into continuous use, everything goes loose, and doesn't work properly. One time, I was playing on stage, and one of the beaters came completely off. I had to resort to playing on the left beater, which about thirty seconds later, broke off also. I had to play the rest of the song without a bass drum! I ended up borrowing a pedal from another drummer who was playing that night! I contacted Tama, because I wanted to know why this was happening. They simply said that it was my fault that the pedal broke the day I got it. A crappy pedal, and crappy customer service. At least Guitar Center gave me a full-purchase-price refund. I just got myself a new DW 5002.

As I said before, the construction quality is horrible. The chain snapped on the left pedal, the beaters came off, and the right pedal came off the chain. My band plays music similar to that of Marcy Playground, and this pedal can't even handle that! This style of music makes my drum sticks last about 5-6 months--including gigs. If a pair of sticks outlasts your pedal, then there's something to say about construction quality.

It may be a good pedal at first impression, but it is a wolf in sheep's skin. Buy this pedal, and regret it. Even if you buy it at Guitar Center (where they stand behind their sale and give refunds), it will still cost you your time.

Joe-Jack-Steve-Dave-Bill-John rated this unit 1 on 2004-01-13.

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