Tama Camco Single Pedal Reviews 5

Greetins One & All~ I grew up playing Elvis, Manhatten Transfer, Bee Gees, Toto, Servant, and contemporary swing. The Camco never failed me in on over 20 years of playing it. I did like changing the beaters from time to time. I now play a DW 9000, but I wouldn't hesitate to play the Camco. After DW bought the rights and tweaked it a bit, the functionality was never quite the same.

Bought my Camco at the now closed music store in Chehalis WA; for a whopping $84.

But it is smooth, quiet, consistent. I played hard at times, but never punk or true metal. This is not to say that I didn't push the pedal hard. I had mine set to feel close to the Ludwig Ghost. (I'm now dating myself) I put my foot on automatic, and the pedal nearly played itself.

The beaters tend to get soft.

Cast Aluminum, lightweight, simple design. Easy to maintain. Didn't develop sqeaks like the vaunted Speed-King.

If you happen to find a good used one: buy it, if nothing else, for an excellent spare or the small ensemble gig.

DWdrumz4God rated this unit 5 on 2008-01-08.

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