Tama Iron Cobra Single Pedal Reviews 5

i got it for as a christmas gift and i have seen at stores for about $120.

yery versitile, took me a while to figure everything out but it has a lot of nice features, such as the angle beater adjustment and the spring tension is easy to adjust.

The only problom i had as a hard hitting drummer was the fact that it had too much power! I put in the beater from the pearl p-100 bass peadal and that was all. Not much else wrong.

this pedal is bahemoth compaired to the one i was using before (pearl p-100). The frame is turdy and this thing is built to last. VERY STRONG! The footboard has great grip as well.

Great pedal! If you want to take drumming seriously, this pedal is a must have! Feel free to e-mail me w/ any ?'s.

Kreis rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-23.

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