Tama Rockstar Custom Drum Kit Reviews 4

This drumkit was purchased when I started playing out in live bands. I needed something with a more professional feel and would hold up to a demanding life on the road. I mostly would play metal music but oftentimes play jazz and symphonic materials. Versatility, durability, and playablility were my main concerns. I bought the kit in my hometown at a friends' music store and he ripped me off on it. I payed $1200 for the kit and a few cymbals, later finding it for much less. He did know a little more than me when purchasing it so I trusted him. The Starcast mounting system was probably the best feature of the kit. It improves the resonance and sustain of the drum immensly.

The mounting hardware on the kit is very user-friendly and allows an infinite number of setup possibilities. The composite hoops on the bass drum are also very strong and sound really good. I found that this kit with Evans heads and EQ3 bass heads sounds like no other kit in its price range. It has been with me in the studio many times as well as live shows and I am always impressed with the sound from them. I Love It!!!

The cymbal stands that come with the kit aren't very durable. Six months ago, 3 in a row broke on me. Also, the lugs extend along the length of the drum possibly eliminating some resonance.

The shells are primarily basswood, I believe, I've not looked into that completely.

For any percussionist looking for a very, very high quality sounding drumset, look no further! I've been playing for 10 years now and have never found a kit at this price range that is of quality like this. My next purchase is a Starclassic Birch by Tama just to keep the quality. If anyone has any reviews or comments on it, please post it!

mattjoe2000@hotmail.com rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-29.

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