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Iím surprised this TAMA drum set is still available in the market. I thought The Rockstar line was been replaced by TAMA for the Superstar line, but I guess I was wrong. This drum set was the second purchase I ever made when I moved to North America, the first being an Iron Cobra double kick pedal. What grabbed my eye significantly was its price. Only $499 for a 5-piece set, something really hard to be beaten while maintaining a decent construction quality like the Rockstar has. I remember trying a few other kits on similar price range but this TAMA kit won because of its powerful, present and deep sound. I like my kit tuned pretty low and this was the one that did the best job at it.

Surprisingly, this drum set is still priced at $499 even after 9 years.


As I was commenting, beside its price, this kit has a great presence. Very powerful drum tone, great for rock/punk/metal applications as well as being a super nice practice kit. The floating rack tom system is also something you donít usually see on kit this cheap.

The modular tom mount is the only piece Iíve never been a big fan of in this kit. The concept is great, but they donít work very well on this case, hey make hard to adjust the toms positions, and they also canít hold them very sturdy.

This is a poplar wood drum set. Donít think because of its price you are getting some shitty built drums. These are the shell sizes: 10' x 8' and 12' x 9' mounted tom drums, 16 x 16' floor tom, 22' x 18' bass drum, 14' x 5-1/2' snare drum.

I still own this kit. I kept it for domestic use. Great for practicing, but you can still take it to the studio or the road and this kit will speak for itself. Canít get a better one for such price

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2010-07-29.

i got this set at guitar center, it is a great high quality set that isnt outragous. i paid about $500 with hardware.

it is great quality with a great sound,and it has held up great. It includes a starcast mounting system for the toms, this keeps them just the way you like them, they dont move at all.

i didnt like the tama heads that it came with, so i put some remo coated diplomats on them.

its high quality, with starcast mounting system, and tama hardwhare for a high hat, crash, and ride cymbal.

great kit, perfect for average to above average players.

rem rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-10.

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