Tama Rockstar Drumset ( fusion w/ hardware ) Reviews 5

Purchased from musiciansfriend.com in June 2002, for $499.

High quality good sounding shells, with nice edges making it easy to tune. Attractive lugs that are the length of the drum for a classic look. The stands and pedal are well engineered, solid and pro quality. Attractive, and solidly built chrome snare. Star-cast mounting system is a real plus. Came with a video explaining set-up and tuning, which would be great for beginners. The fusion size shells are nice because I like a small kit, but it still sounds big.

The metallic-purple wrap, called Night Purple, is very dark, and looks great in lots of light, but onstage it looks like metallic black or dark grey. The stock batter heads are okay but not great, so I replaced them with Aquarians to get a pro sound. The resonant heads are fine and I still use them.

All the hardware is well engineered and very solid. If you are a touring/gigging drummer you will appreciate the ruggedness of the hardware all around. The shells have great edges. The wrap is super tight, and doesn't scratch easily.

I have used this set for a tour, several regular gigs, and I even used it in the studio. I originally picked Tama because of their reputation for quality hardware and the Star-Cast system. So far it has lived up to that reputation. It holds up extremely well. I'll conclude with this: I used it for a studio recording(with new heads)and afterwords I had a guy who plays a Yamaha maple kit come up to me and ask what kit I used, because it sounded amazing. When I told him it was a Rockstar he couldn't believe it. That says it all.

Ian P rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-27.

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