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I bought my set at Guitar Center for about $640 new. I bought it for my first drum-set. You'd be lucky to find that price any were else.

This is a great kit, it comes with the star cast mounting system, (which basically everybody copied now) for all three of your toms. It comes with a good snare and really good heads. It has been three years and I only had to tune them about 4 times. There is no ringing for me. No need to tape a ring on the toms or any of that garbage. My fusion kit also comes with a heck of a bass drum. That thing rocks, it pounds awesome and has an accutune ring. It is also really easy to tune and stays in tune. I only had to tune it twice. I was also looking at the starclassic (when i need to upgrade). But there is no need! It comes fully loaded. All I needed to upgrade was I bought a double bass drum pedal and another snare (piccilo) because the snare is really good! It comes with awesome hardware! The set also has a really good finish. It can take the bangs unlike pearls and Ludwigs. Our school just bought a new ludwig kit (they are all basically the same so I don't know which model) and the finish has already got beaten up and the heads are smashed in. The rockstar doesnt have that problem, and I play twice as hard on my kit. It sounds awesome! You basically can't go wrong with the rockstar.

I didn't like that there is no hole in the bd head to mic the bass drum. But that does make the bass sound fuller because of more reasonance. But otherwise there is nothing I regret. I had the choice to buy an export at the same price, I never regreted my purchase.

This thing aint a tank, but it can stand some wear and tear. Like I was saying the finish is good. It also has good shell construction. It has 7 ply shells (same as the starclassic), and it looks beautiful. I got myne in vintage silver and ohhh mann that thing looks sweet off of the light. It just sparkles, and the hardware just shimmers in the light. Also like I already mentioned you get good heads that take a good beating and put out a beautiful sound.

This is the one to buy if you are looking for the best bang for your buck, and if your not then you are crazy!! You better buy this kit because like I said It is very easily upgradeable. Just go to the rockstar custom kit. Those are awesome! But any ways buy this one or no one at all.

bc_young_drumming_god rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-24.

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