Tama Rockstar Fusion Sizes Reviews 5

I bought the kit used/new from a pawn shop. The kit was pawned off my a military guy less than 2 weeks after buying it new. The kit came with the new Road Pro Hardware and starcast mounts. I paid $450 for the kit, and they even included a set of Sabian b8's with it. So I got a steal on this.

I like this kit alot. This is the first kit I have had in fusion sizes. I have owned other Tama kits in the past and have liked them. But I switch around kits alot. So I always have a fresh kit, or some new toy to play with. The rockstars are a very reliable kit and sound great. For the price you can't beat the quality of the drums and hardware. The Starcast mounts are awesome too. I have had other kits with a similar mounting system, but the starcast seems to be the best.

I don't like the factory heads. They are essentially Evans G1's. With the mahoghany shells I prefer the sound of a 2 ply head or a 1 ply coated. Other than that I liked everything else.

The construction and quality are top notch for this price range. They are made in japan. Unlike some of the other companies having their kits made in taiwan,china, or Korea. I couldn't pass up the deal on these rockstars. So I bought them, and I am enjoying them now.

These drums are in the 750 price range with Hardware. If you come accross a deal like I did, you need to jum on them like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm. You get excellent pro quality drums, pro quality hardware, and pro quality sound.

jared rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-13.

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