Tama Starclassic G-Brass Snare Reviews 5

I bought this snare at my local Dunham's music shop. It had been sitting there for awhile, with a 350 dollar price tag. (Retails for five hundred.) Since a lot of people around here my age are content with their stock kit's ringy steel snare, this awesome drum had no takers. I waited awhile and got it for 220 bucks including the tax.

This drum is incredibly versatile. I can get anything from a high end 311/the police crack to a low, fat The Strokes/Beatles sort of sound. This ofcourse was done after I replaced the batter side g1 coated head it came with to a Evans heavy duty genra dry head. This adds a lot to the sound and may very well be one of the best snare heads ever made. The resonant head is an evans s.s. 300 hazy which I left on.

nothing at all. Although, this is not a drum for everyone. Mid to loud venues are great and even though it is sensitive, their are better suited drums. The rims shots on this thing are literally DEAFENING.

This is a starclassic series snare, therefore it is top of the line. The G series snares were special editions that had thicker shells, (at least for tama)than the original versions. This drum is 1mm thicker than a regular tama brass snare and instead of haveing 2.3 mm hoops it has die cast hoops and starclassic lugs with rubber gaskets. This drum looks beautiful, it has this low shimmer that is stunning. It weighs a ton, but it is worth toting it around to gigs.

This is one heck of a drum. If you are looking for a great brass drum and you can't fork out the dough for a ludwig black beauty, GET THIS DRUM.

Dain Laguna rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-29.

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