Tama Swingstar Drum Set Reviews 5

I had finally decided i was going to get serious in becoming a drummer so i got this as my first set. I bought this set only a few months used at my local music store. The person who owned this set before me played for a year and decided to take up guitar instead so i got it in great condition. I got it for $550 which is about the price for a new one, but a very low price for the quality of this set.

This is really good set for anybody who's not a touring professional which, if thats the case odds are you aren't reading this. I bought used as my first set two years ago and its still looks and sounds as good as new. None of the hardware has broken yet and all of it takes a good beating. I play in a rock band and practice a couple hours everyday and it all stays in place. I just recently replaced the factory heads that held up and sounded great for 2 years. Antoher really good thing about this set is how easily u can make vital adjustments that would normally take about three sets of hands and a tool box.

The only thing thats not perfect about this set is the toms have a real watery overtone sound without any muffling even with new heads. One big problem with a very simple solution. When you buy this set also get some remO's muffling rings. They cost about $10 for a whole set and they work wonders. You just set them on the top heads of your drums and the watery overtones gone.

Just like TAMA's slogan, there the toughest name in drums. This is TAMA's lowest set in production but they still have incredible sound and durability. They've lasted two years of me playing them and have stayed in amazing condition and i bought them used! Unbelieveable quality PERIOD! Especially for the low price.

I think ive said this already but its unbelieveable quality at a low price. So your getting durability, quality, great sound, and strong and easily adjusted hardware for a very small fee.

The Drummer of CRAZY LUCAS rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-04.

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