Tama Swingstar Drumset Reviews 4

I bought my Swingstar set in octobre 2000 in South Africa. I decided to go for a Swingstar set because it seemed to be a very good beginner drumset. The kit cost me 5200 rand.

I like the omniball tom mounts on the Swingstar, as well as the cool iron cobra junior pedal that came with it. The bass drum and toms have a great, punchy sound.

In my opionion, the metal snare drum does not match up to the rest of the drumkit soundwise. Also, I personally would have preferred eight tuning lugs on the toms instead of only six.

All the hardware is of excellent quality, and the toms and bass drum have extremely smooth bearing edges and sound great. Unfortunately, the fibre glass coatings on the drums come off in places after a while, but this is merely an optical issue. The toms have only six tuning lugs each, the snare and bass drum each have eight.

Overall, the Swingstar is a great beginner drum set. While the sound may not meet professional standards, the construction of the set is excellent and will meet any demand. I recommend double ply heads on the toms and a coated head on the snare to add a little warmth to the sound. The kit definitely has a punchy sound to it and works best for rock/heavy metal type music.

Thomas H. rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-04.

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