Tama Swingstar Drumset w/ 10 inch Tom Reviews 5

I got this set at Sam Ash in New Haven ct for $600 but I later found it cheaper at Guitar Center in Orange, ct for $550. Either way it was the greatest decission I ever made for my drums.

Absolutely everything. The bass pedal took a beating and kept on kicking (insert crappy joke here). The toms have amazing sound and the construction is so durrable i dropped the bass drum from 4 feet and didn't even scratch it. The snare sounds great for the price, and after almost two years I haven't had to change any of the hardware. The set sunds great with even g2 heads by the way

The only complaint I have is that the Toms ring way too much. Howver, with rem0s on top of Evans g2 heads the problem is fixed.

Its great. No problems what so ever with quality and constrction.

This is simply the greates value set for the money available right now. It sounds great, plays great, and is durable and easy enough to transport in the back of a honda accord. I love this set and will NEVER play on anything but Tama.

Matt rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-06.

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