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playing 2 years in several bands play anything from metal to blues

bought at a local store for 190

it is very light .. at first i liked this because many other basses were heavy

it has many setbacks.. the bridge is too high and the minimum action on mine is 11 mm compared to the ESP standard of 3.5 mm. also this bass can be obtained for only 60 pound. the nut on made of plastic, not graphite, the bottom strap holder on mine is absolutely destroyed as of factory and is glued in. the neck is held up with a little piece of sandpaper which is shocking and the knobs are loose, the cable input only works when pushed in one direction .

terrible, not worth the money

rated this unit 1 on 2008-11-04.

i had been looking round for a few months, shops, internet, and ebay. But due to my limited cash flow i had major restrictions in what i could buy. I bought my 4K from Academy of Sound in Leicester, and got a great deal. It was second hand, but was sitting right next to a new one, there was no obvious difference between the two, mine even had some of the plastic protective stickers on! i bought it for 120, there was no damage or decolouration etc.

VERY light, i mean it was probs lighter than all the other electric basses in the shop, as well as many of the guitars. it looks amaizing, i got the deep cherry red colour with the black trimmings (pickups, bridge etc). and it blew me away. the neck is pretty thin, the small head means that its well balanced too. as for the sound, i wasnt expecting much because i didnt expect much from it, but was very wrong, much better than could have expected. i am a new player, so not well expearienced, but good preformance for the price.

as has been said, its mass factory produced, and so faults can be expected, i had the problem with the jack socket being loose and rattling. but just get a pair of pliers on it and its sorted. also the electrics are pretty poorly packed, but just messed with them and now they are fine.as for problems with the neck, have had no worries. recomend replacing the strings, but i havent got round to changing the pickups. could do with some advice here.

great little bass, nice and light, looks amaizing, will not break ur bank. Look around for the good ones, think about going for a second hand one, they are much cheaper, and there are really good quality ones around, i managed to find one.more of a beginners bass, but would still recomend to others. sound from it is good, good range, and it has some resposive level controls.

James rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-30.

This was my first bass which I bought cheap for 170 at Beat n' Track in Tonbridge. Normal price is around 200, although second hand they go very cheap.

The rebel is wonderfully light alround - Ive since bought an Ibanez BTB and it weighs a ton in comarison - and reasonably well balenced. It has a good combination of split pickups at the neck and an jazz style pickup at the bridge giving a good range of sounds, although the pickups themselves arent of the highest quality. Overall finish is good. My one was see through black - very lush!

Obviously the rebel is a mass produced bass and comes with a few factory faults. The action was set way too high for my liking and the truss rod needed some ajusting. The tuning pegs were a little stiff and the overall build quality was typical of a budget bass. The pickups produced a good range of sound, but not exceptional sound quality, and the strings the bass was supplied with were none too bright. Thats not to say that without a little time and money the bass could be turned into a real beast. I never got round to changing the pickups but some good quality rotosound or orange strings work wonders. Because its a fairly common mass produced bass it will loose its value before you can blink. I owned mine for 1 and a half years and got 50 for it on a part exchange. Im my opinion, the rebel as it comes is very much a beginners bass.

Again - Its mass produced and comes with production faults. Mostly minor and not entirely unexpected. At the end of the day they're nothing a little time and patience and a small amount of money cant sort out. Its a solid bass and wont fall apart on you. The bass I bought was passive so I cant comment on the battery life. I do know there is an active version although ive never seen it......

This is a budget bass and a beginners bass, and in those categories it does remarkably well, and it beats any of the squire range hands down. Id certainly recomend it to people starting bass guitar. Without a little more fiddling however I dont feel it provides enough for serious, gigging, musicians. Its nicely playable, but just doesnt have the build quality or the tone to compete with the low end ibanez's and peavey basses.

Coolchompmonster rated this unit 3 on 2003-09-20.

I bought the bass from ' The Music Station ' in Bridgend, South Wales. I paid 210 for it. It is blue in colour with black trimmings ( Bridge, machine heads etc. ). I bought it because a friend of mine has one and they are brilliant to play!

The actions great... after fiddling for a while. It looks good, nice to play, cheap and very reliable!

The actions a bit fuzzy and the pick-ups arent of the best quality but after spending a bit of money its a dream!

As the Tanglewood Rebel 4K is a mass produced bass some come with slight defects but with some close insoection before purchase you could find yourself with a very nice bass. The body is a poular shape with modern trimmings ( Bridge, machine heads etc. )!

This is a brilliant bass for beginners! I've gigged mine 4 times now and its still in immaculate condition. With a bit of patience for tuning the action to your specifications and a little bit of money for top quility strings, you'll be the envy of the Bassing community!

Joe Davies rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-14.

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