Tanglewood Rebel 4K Bass Reviews 5

I brought my bass guitar so i could play with my mate who had a drum kit. I brought my bass im Brighton 4 210 at a place called "music impact". I brought the clear honey colour and black trimmings (pick-ups, head, bridge etc).

The bass is very light! Very! Most electric guitars are more heavy than this bass, and the bass is ment to be very heavy! This is good because it doesnt strain your neck while you play and you can have the basss hanging low! The shape of the bass is amazin! It ables your wrist to just grip the bass, while your playing with your fingers, or a pick. The shape is a modern shape, and the Jazz loyout of the picks makes the bass look well kool! And expensive! This bass is good because unlike other basses @ this price, this is a intermiderate guitar, so you can play it, get gd, and u dont have 2 get a new guitar! but only a new amp.

The neck- its already been said that this modle is a mass produced bass, which is correct. Just make sure that your neck is slightly arched so it doesnt rattle,( on my bass, i couldnt play the E string cause it kept rattling!) I find on my bass that the screw on the jack socket sometimes gets lose, so every now and then, twist it with your fingers so it doesnt fall out.

The pick-ups, well in other reviews they say to replace the pick-ups, i agree with that but replace them once u r good @ it, and when you start performing 2 the public, cause its just a waste of money other wise. Same goes to the strings 2. Get gd strings once u start performing and your gathering crowds of people. But this is nothing to worry about cause the strings and pick-ups are already pretty good, espically on this student bass. The body is one of the lightest and most cooliest ive seen on the market, (befor you start paying 800!) Its been well put together, and its very reliable and isnt gonna break on you for a long time! i mean years!

If there is a bass 4 u to get, its this bass. Stylish, kool, colourful, proffincal! Everything a student guitar needs it 2 be.Im glad ive got 1, i hope u r 2.

Tom Gaskell rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-13.

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