Tanglewood Tomkat TE-6JH Reviews 5

Got this from a local music shop for 540$. Actualy I wanted to look around some more but since they don't make these any more and it was the last one in Estonia I bought it.

The design is very well thought out. It's kinda small compared to other instruments of the same scale, but I don't mind. Has a very nice see-through green glossy finish. Amazingly good sounding humbuckers, although the neck pup seems a little overpowered in comparison to the other one. The Acoustic Reality circuit ads nice possibilities. Also has a coil tap. The acoustic features of this are good, I can just sit back and play without an amp for practicing etc. Although the tremolo is not locking, it stays in tune. Very simple to set up the guitar. Also the neck isn't too thin, so you can feel the weapon in your hand.

The screws for the back plates are not angled right, so I guess I'll have to fix it my self. Also for some reason the tremolo arm sits too high. Can't find any other method for curing this than to saw off 1,5cm of the arms base.

It's a neck-through so has very good sustain. Looking inside the instrument is not a very pretty sight - holes drilled somewhat randomly, sawdust everywhere, splinters etc. But i'm not complaining considering the price. Seems very solid. Dropped it on the floor once cause the strap failed - almost had a heart attack - but nothing broke, fortunately.

A very good buy. Definitely upgradeable. Suits any kind of music style. Has a bit of that vintage guitar sound that we all like.

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-16.

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