Tascam Model 414 Portastudio MKII Reviews 5

Tascam Model 414 Portastudio MKII

The features are pretty good. I havent used the effects channels yet, but it has a nice 'mini mixing board' with treble and bass. Four 1/4" jacks at the front, and two XLR's in the back. It can be tricky to work with, but understanding it isn't that hard once you get the hang of things. $68.00 USD I bought my first four-track recorder off... [read more on Audiofanzine]

FP User Reviews rated this unit 5 on 2008-11-01.

In summary I would recomend this unit to anyone who desires to do some personal recording as well as group recordings. It can handle multiple instruments at the same time. Garage bands will have a ball with this unit. [read more on Audiofanzine]

Shady Lane rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-28.

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