Taylor 1998 Model 510 Reviews 5

Bought at Big Noise-Appleton WI for $1,400. Was on wall with 2001 models and made a deal. I have played for 32 years but never had a quality unit. Promised myself a Taylor and had the budget for a 310 and was happy to come home with the 510.

Taylor 510 has the best sound for the dollar. The 98 models have the slim neck which is great for individuals with small hands. It is tight and just snaps when you dig into it. Using the now recommended ELIXIR med. guage strings (pricey, but worth it) make it sound fantastic.

Nothing to dislike.

Solid Taylor construtcion which will last a life time. Like all fine instuments must be properly maintained especially if you live in a dry climate, or one made dry by indoor heating.

Like all quality insturments, Taylor has its following. I was a Martin fan until I picked up a Taylor. Wish I had spent the money several years earlier. Others who pick up the feel that it is one of the best thay have played.

JR FELHOFER rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-13.

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