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I bought this used a couple of years ago (Circa 1996) and I wrote up a review on another board, but since that time this guitar has gotten so mellow I couldn't part with it even if destitute. It has aged gracefully, the top is starting to turn to that honey color and the sound just keeps getting better and more balanced sounding everyday. The only problem I still have (from initial review) is the lack of detail in the fret work the frets are still, in my opinion, uneven and rough on the edges. When a guitar costs more than $2500 (list) this is a problem that shouldn't even need to be discussed.

Great sound, good looks and nice aging.

Fret work and price.

Outstanding workmanship, except the fret work. After I bouight the guitar I sent it back to Taylor and they reset the neck as the strings did line up evenly between the edges of the neck, but aside from my having to pay the shipping to them the repair was done free of charge and the return shipping was paid by Taylor.

See first paragraph. Overall still my favorite of my 15 acoustic guitars.

Bob Morris rated this unit 4 on 2001-08-01.

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