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Purchased after a two month quest of four shopping trips in the Toronto area music shops. Auditioned over 80 acoustic guitars. Wanted something really special, an acoustic guitar that I would be happy to grow old with, price was not a big constraint. Had a friend accompany me to play the possible choices so I could hear the guitar from a listener's perspective as well. Deal was done at Long and McQuade on Bloor Street in Toronto. Paid $2,500.00 USD total price with 15% taxes included. This was simply the best acoustic guitar that I could find. After I played it for about 30 seconds, I knew that I had to have it. I auditioned mainly Martin, Gibson, Larivee, Taylor, Guild, Santa Cruz, and Collings guitars. There were a lot of fabulous guitars I tried but none really came close to the Taylor 814-B that I chose.

Detailed sound, responsiveness, all around balance of tone, playability, sustain that just goes on, and on, and on... Maybe it's the Brazilian rosewood sides and really rare one piece back that allow such tonal magic to appear. That is the reason this is a Taylor limited edition "B" model. It also has the upgraded Engelmann spruce top that is reputed to impart a "matured" depth to the guitar's sound as well. It is a "Grand Auditorium" Taylor body design with ebony fretboard and bridge, American tropical Mahogany neck and headstock facing. It has Gold plated 18:1 Grover tuners, an ablalone soundhole rosette, and abalone "progressive diamonds" for the fretboard inlays. There is a Taylor "squiggle" signature inlay on the back of the guitar near the heel of the neck as well. I play many styles from gentle finger picking to power chords to aggressive bluegrass flatpicking, and this guitar voices all techniques beautifully. Up and down the neck and across all strings the sound is really balanced with amazing depth of tone and sustain. I have small hands and I could immediately voice thumb wrap around full chords with all strings ringing without a fight. It makes me chuckle to myself it's so damn easy to play and great to listen to. This one's a keeper!

Can't fault anything. I searched for two months and picked the best I could find.

The construction of this Limited Edition Brazilian Taylor is perfect. I've been over this guitar with a magnifiying glass and it's spooky it's so damn good of a build. I've run my fingernail over every joint and inlay and can not find any gaps or mismatches, every inlay is perfectly set. The factory setup is perfect as well. The action is low enough for easy playing, yet can stand "digging in" to the strings for the highest volume. Slide playiing works well too. The guitar is beautiful without being over ornamented and "loud looking". It's not a flashy guitar and it is always the sound that blows everyone's minds. Incredible acoustic guitar.

My special treat to myself is this guitar. I'm looking forward to a lifelong of smiles and satisfaction from this one. I really recommend the Brazilian Rosewood Taylor if you can find one. This is the finest acoustic guitar I've ever played during my 21 years of performing.

Phil Gibson rated this unit 5 on 2001-10-01.

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