Teddy Zane Zane7 Sultan Sustainer Reviews 5

Floyd rose big block original is simply amazingly amazing sustain ur notes 4 days, I never knew the diference its big long full sustain. I would compair this to the kramer sustainer from back in the day.

I paid 600 for it from big apple music. I went in looking for a jackson soloist at a good price but found the zane7 guitar instead. There's also active sustain pickups in the guitar. Its so easy to play.

I like everything its very well done and the craftmansship is impressive. I rocked it out for my friends lastnight and got many compliments.

Really nothing.

I need a marshall stack to go along with my new guitar. If u like sick guitars with thin necks active pups and shred paint scheme get a zane guitar if u don't than get something else. This is the perfect soloist guitar an about as good if not better than a jackson solo.

terry phillups rated this unit 5 on 2009-09-06.

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