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A 10-DVD set package in a hard box with PDF instruction book included. 20 video lessons for beginning to accomplished players. Included loops for practice. A printed spiral-bound instructional book can be purchased separately bu is non-returnable. 90-day no hassles return policy on the DVD set.

This was a review copy provided by Teach Me Bass Guitar can be ordered from for $187.50. The 10-DVD set contains access to the private area of and a 167-page instruction book in PDF format. Purchase includes a 90-day no-hassles guarantee. A printed copy of the book can be ordered separately for $39.95. (Book is not returnable.)

Teacher Roy Vogt does a great job of getting his concepts across, even to raw beginners. It's well paced and comprehensive. Covers everything from tuning to improvisation.

No downside that I can see.

Very nice, sturdy package. Quality HD production throughout.

From beginner to seasoned veteran, every bassist will find something to like in Roy Vogt’s “Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG).” One of the hardest things for a veteran player/teacher is remembering just how hard and intimidating starting a new instrument can be. Vogt’s teaching style for newbies is never condescending, and he doesn’t move too fast. Yet neither is his approach boring for veteran players. The nature of TMBG is that it can be taken in small doses and at the player's preferred speed, and more accomplished players can skip the basics and proceed into new territory. Best of all, Vogt makes himself accessible through to answer personal questions for TMBG purchasers. Even without the ability to ask questions, ThunderRow provides a valuable resource for bassists by posting lessons, equipment reviews, videos and more, all geared to “bottom-dwellers.” If you have limited time or limited money, simply want to see if bass is for you, need to woodshed or need to challenge yourself with new concepts, 'Teach Me Bass Guitar' has something for you.

Dave Molter rated this unit 5 on 2011-02-01.

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