Tobias Growler 4-string Bass Reviews 5

I bought this bass from one of my friends just a couple of days ago. I needed a new bass because the bass i was using was a beginner bass(danelectro long horn)and if your a beginner buy the longhorn its a great bass for 200$. but i needed a new bass and i didnt ahve much money. he was asking $400 so i bought it.

This bass is wonderful. Its made of a couple of different woods and is beautifully made. the electronics are extrodinary and very well grounded. absolutly no fuzz. some of the widest range of tones from sharp slap, to big muff sound that will blow you away. the two preamps are wonderful

there are few things i dont like about this bass. the fact you have to change the 9v batteries isnt a big deal being that u dont have to do it very often.

The tuners are very effective, they tune fast and precise. the knobs are also very precise and the electronis are ground perfecly and the wood is crafted beautifully and flawless. once again the sound is amazing.

if your looking for a second and final bass you will ever have to buy then this is the one its very sturdy will probably last forever. It also has a nice lifetime warrenty.

Nick rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-28.

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