Tokai Love Rock 2002 Jap Gold Top Reviews 5

Purchased new from Gamlins Cardiff for 650

Attention to detail



BEFORE YOU READ THIS I JUST WANT TO SAY I HAVE PLAYED GUITARS FOR OVER 25 YEARS AND I HAVE OWNED A GIBSON LES PAUL GOLD TOP AMONGST MANY OTHER GUITARS. THIS IS NOT A CHEAP COPY THIS PLAYS AND SOUNDS LIKE THE GIBSON ORIGINAL (AWSOME). I ALSO TRIED THE EPIPHONE VERSION AND THERE IS NO COMPARISON!! THIS GUITAR ROCKS EASILY ON A PAR WITH PRS's ETC... FOR A FRACTION OF THE PRICE. Don't believe me then go and try one what have you got to lose? Well as I sit hear a shiny new Goldtop Tokai LP is sitting next to me having had my first thrash (the amps still humming as I write). What can I say this is truly an awsome piece of kit for the price (or any price). The bridge setting has a plenty of attack while the neck pickup provides all the depth and warmth that you could ever want, and the sustain well just awsome simply awsome. Want to know why Jimmy Page, Slash, etc.. use Les Paul's just try this guitar and you will be left in no doubt. The action only required the slightest of tweaks to make the whole thing silky smooth. As you can probably see I''m like a dog with 2 tails. Having played guitar for over 25 years (the same 3 cords phew!!) and owed many different guitars I can honestly say this is the best I have ever had and this is straight from the box with no pro tuning! I nearly didn't buy one I was looking for a Les Paul and it is only because the guys in Gamlins (Cardiff) sugested I try one that I even picked it up. They still have a beautiful flame oak one in stock if anyones interested. Thanks to them and Claire (the better half) who when she heard the price imediately volunteered to pay for it (b'day present....Now that means I get the axe for free she would never have offered to pay 1200 + for a Les Paul) and a special thanks to Tokai for application to quality and attention to detail that I thought had long gone in anything but hugely expensive custom models. Just my initial thoughts but i'm off ro wag my other tail now

Mark rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-21.

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