Tornard Indian Electric Guitars Reviews 2

I bought my guitar last year in Siliguri at a shop named Paul & company.I bought this guitar because I really couldn't afford foreign guitars like Fender or Les Paul.I paid around Rs.4000(Indian currency) for this guitar.

The good qualities i found about this guitar is that body structure is good,it has two humbuking and one single coil pick up.Open chords sounds quiet good. It resembles somewhat like fender not the sound but the body structure.

The things which I don't like about this guitar is that though having 2 humbuking and 1 single coil pickups the quality of the pickups are not worth. Should have a tremlo arm there were other guitars with a tremlo arm which was of the same company it didn't sounded like a what it was supposed to be infact I would make that sound without the tremlo arm. And one important thing these guitars are really hard I mean the strings n I actually don't know the reason for it. I could hardly scoop the string to the next note, maybe I should join a gym.Lastly while playing on the last 4 frets there is hardly any note heard.

It's body is somwhat like a fender guitar.It has three pick ups, neck screwed to the body, it has 23 frets. It actually has a heavy body and the quality of the wood is really low.

The bottom line is that the guitar is ok but not for good players, the foreign guitars are really expensive so if if these guitars companies would work out well on their products and try to bring some new changes on the products they sell it would be a lot difference while playing it.

NIrant Subba rated this unit 2 on 2004-07-19.

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