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Amplifier kit

I bought the kit for $325 plus tax. The rectifier tube was defective, so I had to buy another one for $14 dollars. I bought at the Torres shop since I live in the Bay Area and I thought I could have support in case something went wrong.

Still not working.

Torres customer service is the worst anyone can get. He is very nice until he takes your money - then the real Torres comes out. Rude, unhelpful, I brought the amp to the shop once I put it together and was not working and instead of helping me he just tried to make me feel stupid. He spend half hour telling me that even a 12 year old could do this, and the reason it was not working is because I was stupid.

The instructions are terrible, and you end up having to redo everything several times. I don't think Torres is an Engineer (we know how to write documentation), he is a tech that doesn't know how to document what he knows. He advertises the instructions in COLOR but it is a text only document probably created using WordStar. Some components that come in the kit are high quality, some are really bad (such as the rectifier tube).

Stay away from any Torres kit!! Kits are great when you can turn to someone for help - with Torres kits you get none. He usually does not pick up the phone, and if you are lucky enough to get him (I wasn't - I had to go to the shop) he will not help you at all. Get a Ceriatone or any of the many other kits available, where the customer service actually exists - again with Torres you get absolutely none. You get around $120 dollars worth of parts for $325 + tax. What a rip off.

caio rated this unit 1 on 2009-12-19.

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