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Saw ad for Torres Engineering in the back of 'Guitar player' magazine , so thought it was a legitimate business. Sent him my '68 Fender bassman head, cause he told me he had a great new mod for it that would make it sound like a good marshall with very low noise and all kinds of new technology that creates superior sound. The Mod cost me $350 plus $90 shipping, plus Torres kept about $10 worth of new parts that I had put in the amp previously.


He was very nice before he got my money, then very rude after my check cleared. I got the amp back and the overdrive channel sounds pretty bad. Real mushy and over-bassy. The bass control is useless, because you have to leave it on zero and even doing that doesn't get rid of enough bass. The noise is pretty high. The amp is very "muffled" sounding. He later said that he, in fact, didn't make it sound like a good Marshall, but instead made it sound like a mesa boogie mark 4.

Noticed one part is from 'radio shack'. About a month after getting the amp back, a filament wire for the tube heaters came unsoldered on it's own. The design is not thought out very well. The over-drive tone is a bad joke.

He also took me off his mailing list, but 2 years later sent me info about a new mod he came up with that makes a bassman head sound like a marshall for $20. Obviously, he wanted to remind me that he made a total sucker out of me. If circumstances would have put off my dealing with Torres a few years, I would have probably done research on him on the internet and saw the many horror stories i have seen.

Rob rated this unit 1 on 2001-11-30.

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