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I started playing bass at the age of 16, and now I have been playing 27 years. I not currently in a band but I jam with my neighbor and I am playing in a church chior. My taste in music is very broad, Metal, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Southern Rock, Soft Rock, Oldies, Christian, and Swing.

I was looking for a 5 string bass. I read a lot of good things about Traben basses. I heard Sam Ash was a Traben dealer, I bought the bass from them and I paid $579 for it.

The looks of the Traben Phoenix are really awesome. It has a Fender shape with a twist. It has a pickguard material shaped like flames stemming out from the bridge up to the pickups. The neck has a beautiful mother of pearl flame inlay. The action is very low without buzzing which makes it very easy to play. The Traben has 2 pickups, they combined a Humbucker and a Jazz pickup. It also has a 3 band equlizer to be able to play different styles of music. The sound is just incredible.

There isn't anything that I don't like about the Traben. I would recomend this bass to all bassplayers. Some have complained about the weight of the bass, but I own a Gibson Les Paul bass, and the Traben is much lighter than that.

The Traben is a very well made bass. The very smooth neck which sliding your hand up and down the neck effortless. Solid basswood body and rosewood fretboard.

This is an absolutely fantastic bass for the money. The moment I picked it up in the store and played the first few notes,I was hooked.

Jerry rated this unit 5 on 2006-05-29.

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