Traben Torrent 4 Reviews 5

I bought a Rogue SX100B bass to learn on and after it broke (POS), I wanted a real bass. I shopped around and tried the new Trabens that came out. The sound was great so I got it at for $439 which was the cheapest at the time.

First off, just by looking at it you want this axe man. I got mine in amberburst and I look real playing it. The 5 EQ tone adjustments are FREAKING AWESOME!!! The versatility of this bass is what I love about it. I play mostly rock and latin but man if I wanted to play the blues or Jazz, it is fully capable of doing so.

It is heavier than most basses but it is not detrimental to playing. That's it.

I wanted to get an Ibanez bess but I changed my mind once I held a Traben. The quality is second to none. Excellent string that you can hammer or slap to play rock all day or softly pluck with a pick to get that jazz feel or finger tread to play soft rock or latin. The maple neck and fingerboard are incredibly designed for the bass player.

The bottom line this bass rocks. It was truly designed to be the bass everybody wants, versatile, strudy, convenient, inexpensive, and attractive. Traben took all the aspects from the brands we love and perfected a bass that anybody and everybody should use. Try a Traben at your music store before you consider anything else. I shopped around and for some reason I was compelled to find a better bass cheaper than a grand, i couldn't. Get the Torrent 4!!!!

Angelo rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-02.

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