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Not a ton of info out on this amp so I'll do my best. I picked mine up in a trade. Very simple amp to own and operate. Trace Elliot is the brand, AH 100 is the amp model, GP-7 is the model of the EQ (Trace Elliot made unpowered bass preamps) and Series 6 I guess describes the generation. This was prior to Peavey buying the name. This amp was made in the UK. The knobs on the front are from L-R: Pre Gain, Mid Pre Shape Button, EQ On of Off switch. 7-band EQ which allows you to boost or cut 15db of the following frequencies: 50hz, 100hz, 230hz, 500hz, 1khz, 2khz and 5khz. Effects Loop, Headphone Jack, Line Out and finally your Master Volume.

I got this as a trade for a bass cab. I never valued this head very much. I think I sold it for about $150 and it was in decent shape.

The handle and thick case made traveling easy. No extra knobs or EQ to trip you up. I remember the amp not being heavy or cumbersome.

My biggest gripe was I got this amp as a trade, it worked in my garage when I tested it, then it cut in and out for the next week until I put it in the closet for a few months, took it out to diagnose it and it worked fine every since then. Go figure? I think I ruled out all the stupid things like trying different cables, basses and cabinets. The amp wasn't enough power. I believe it was 100 watts into 8ohms. It wasn't enough power for me to drive a 1 15' cab with a full band.

It appeared to be well built, but I couldn't get past the week the amp's sound cut in and out. It kept power on the whole time, didn't smoke and then worked fine. Maybe this amp is magical? Either way, nice weight, well-designed box, nice tolex and a well placed handle.

I would be hesitant to buy another one of these. Not enough power to keep up with a full band and it cut out on me one. Trace Elliot was bought by Peavey sometime, I would imagine those amps would come with a better quality control.

Billy rated this unit 2 on 2011-01-16.

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