Trace Elliot Brat Reviews 3

I buyed this practice amp at a little music store in Rosslau, Germany and paid 120€(ca 125$) for it.

Its a good pracice amp. Smooth clean and gainy overdrive channel. Als it can be turned really loud ( I played it together with a drummer and I think the people were able to hear me).

I already told its a practice amp. No tube sounds no volume for gigs. Not that much features. No fx loop, not even splitted features for the two channels. Sometimes the sound seems very lifeless.

I played it for two years without any problems. Not even a tank could destroy this one.

I think this ampīs good for beginning guitar players which want to learn playing clean and gain but itīll be nothing for anybody which wants to create an own style or an own sound.

rated this unit 3 on 2003-05-01.

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