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I first saw the mtp-350 on the rack and thought immediately wow when did you start stocking Paul Reed Smith guitars. The dealer and owner of Tillmans Music told me to look again. I was sold before I even plugged it in. Wasn't crazy about the transparent green at first but just kept seeing myself with this excellent guitar. It acually played and felt more comfortable than any of the PRS. guitars I've tried in the past or to date. At first I was unsure about the tree of life inlay as it would take some getting use to for fret markings. The inlay is really beautiful and very detailed. The more I came back to the store the more I wanted this guitar. Finally one day I went in and asked what I could purchase it for and was amazed at my cost. Jerry always gives me great deals anyway as I purchase all my musical gear from Tillmans. I am a full time musician in the Carolina's. The group I'm in plays a variety of music. I put some money down to hold my guitar and one week later it was mine. I'm almost ashamed of how much I actually paid amere$400.00 I liked it so much I just purchased a second one this time in the tobacco sunburst with "T" inlay. I was also suprized to learn there is no extra cost for multicolor finish most manufactuers charge for this.I really just love my Tradition guitars they sound great in any amp. They even make a lot of amps sound better. Well I could ramble on forever about these guitars and often do to my other musician friends. They always tell me what a great PRS I have even after some have played it can't tell it's not a PRS. Tillmans is located in Rock Hill SC. Can't wait to get to gigs to play my guitars. Got to break in the new one you know. Thank you for building such a quality affordable instrument, ....Frank Sciandra

I like the fact that it comes with jumbo frets,flat fret board and beautiful finish. It is well balanced and I can get many tones from it.

I'm not really nor have I ever been a fan of GHS strings.That's just personal preference. I have played Les Pauls, Stats, and Tele's. Mostly stuck with Fender strings but now I use DR Blues.I do lots of bending and they just work for me. I have a slight concern about the tunning at times just something I'll get use to I guess! It's a bit sensitive, I can get to far real easy on either side of scope sharp or flat it doesn't take much to turn either way.

The construction is awesome. A break thruogh in detail and quality for such an affordable unit. I'm picky and can find no cut corners on my guitars. When are you going to start making cases for your units. It is hard to find a hard case for the MTP-350's. Went with Gibson style case for 335est. with added foam padding around inside curves.

Great guitars. Would like to try your whole line of guitars if they were all in stock at dealers. Not only a work of art but these guitars smoke. I only get compliments on mine every where I perform. UNBELIEVABLE what more can I say!!!!??

Frank Sciandra rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-31.

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