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A few(April of '03) months ago I found a sweet deal on this Guitar on I know I got a deal for I paid UNDER five hundred dollars(including shipping) for my guitar and it was brand new. It is very similar to the PRS 24 fret guitars for a fraction of the price! That and I have a good friend that owns a Les Paul style Tradition and his guitar is SWEET so I took a chance that the MTP 350 would be built just as good.

What's not to like, I have a guitar that looks like a PRS for chump change when compared to a PRS. Mine has a Flame Maple top that looks as good as it plays. Two humbucker pickups that sound nice, the bridge has a rich warm flavor and the neck pickup is outstanding too! You can dial in just about whatever tone you want with this baby. It has a great blues sound and you can get a crystal clear sound for Jazz too. And for Rock, well mine can cover about anything I need to do. Mine has a Transparent Blue finish on both the front and back including the back of the neck neck. The body is Mahogany with as I already mentioned a nice looking piece of Flame Maple on the top (carved at that). The Neck... now here is where you find out if the guitar will work for you or not, is great! Tapered just right(at least for me) with a beautiful Tree of Life inlay. Tuners are good and tight and the axe stays in tune very well even with some killer bends! I use 9's strings through a Fender Deluxe 112 amp. Came with a good set up to boot and I am still like a kid in a candy store with this guitar.

Hmmmm well.... I can't at this point and time.

WOW! Is the best word I can come up with. LOL I checked mine out throughly when I got it, including putting under the spot light to find flaws and found NONE! Not in the finish nor the neck. The frets feel fine and look professionally finished. I have seen flaws in the low end Fenders and Gibsons guitars which still cost much more than mine. Set neck, tight tuners, one tone knob and one volume knob both gold, Tree of Life inlay (which looks killer I might add) and I can't begin to express my happiness with the neck's playability. Oh yeah before I forget my guitar has a cream color bonding around the body too. Looks like they used good cuts of wood for both the Maple top and the Mahogany body.

If I buy another guitar, and I don't see the need I only have the want ; ), I would purchase another Tradition guitar based on mine and my Friends Les Paul style guitar. The Quality is there, and that means more than you know until you have a higher quality guitar. The playability of my guitar is unbelievable and you can't beat the price of these guitars!!!! Since my purchase of the MTP 350 I have only found a few Traditions in Guitar shops around my area but yet all of them look and sound great (all four of them). One day I'll have to take the plunge and but a Strat copy, I like the sound of those single coils you know what I mean. And I'll will buy the Tradition model then. Value isn't the only thing I got with my guitar, I have a guitar that sounds great and plays even better!!!

Kevin Thomasson rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-13.

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