Traynor Custom 40 Guitar Amplifier Reviews 4

Purchased in Swansea, Wales, UK Price paid 250 GBP

An exceptional piece of electronics. I have played many amps in my career including fenders, peaveys, laney all tube amps. However this amp has the lot. It has superb tone from quiet clean to full on tube crunch. It is durable and light. The footswitch, although a little plasticy performs well allowing effortless change between clean , overdrive and boost for cutting guitar solos. This amp performs well at all times and I'm really pleased I bought it. Another point worth mentioning is its quietness. No hum or crackle making it ideal for studio and live work. It is a loud amp - 40 watts of pure tube tone , adequate for most halls or clubs.There's also an useful standby switch which saves you from turning the power off during sets and keeps those tubes at gigging temperature. I mike mine up to the PA and it fills the place with great tone at all volumes. I'd never heard of Traynor before I walked in to my local music store - from now on I think there'll be more to listen out for.

The lightweight design of the footswitch. The presence dial which doesn't do much and the poor quality reverb unit.

Well constructed with plywood and backed with standard black vinyl. Attractive front silver grille.

An excellent piece of equipment- -solid and dependable.

Gareth rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-26.

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