Traynor YCV-40 All Tube Guitar Amp Reviews 5

I got this amp at The arts music store( I got because the guys there highly recomended and after i plugged into it with my Gibson LP studio i could see why. I got it for just over 750 canadian.

Its all tube and relitivly inexpensive, powered by a pair 6l6B power tubes and three 12AX7A preamps that are hiden behind the chassie to protect the preamps. Its got a vintage Celestion 30 12" speaker that sounds great and is realy realy powerful, definatly a bonus. Its all plywood(just try picking it up). It has seperate tone contols and volume controls on both the first and second channel. Dual spring reverb that sounds really good. included is a dual switching foot pedal to change channels and activate the boost. a bright switch on the clean channel that does a good job recreating a acoustic type sound. best of all it comes with a 2 year and 10 year even if you break it warrenty. Where else are going to get that type of warrenty for such a low price.

What dont i like theres not much other then it rattles alot but when you put it really loud you cant hear it anyways(real loud on this amp is about 3)you have to max the reverb to get real good sound out of it and the presence knob does pretty much nothing. other then that its a great amp.

Quality of this amp is amazing like mentioned above its all plywood so its not gonna break(very easily) and if it does thw warrenty will cover it right away. it has a steel grill behind the cloth type covering so thers no way you are going to smash the celestion.

bottom line is this is a kick ass amp totally worth the money so go out and buy it right now

delonge rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-20.

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