Traynor YCV20 Reviews 5

PAID $450.00 from $25.00 shipping tagged on. Could have been packed a little better. Amp was shipped new in a non Traynor box that was a bit flimsy but the amp was pristine when recieved regardless of flimsy pack job which is a testament of the amps durability.

The fact that it is two channels all tube with reverb, brightness and gain boost switching along with self biasing tube control , a plywood cabinet and great warranty. The stock speaker is good for now but will be swapped out for something better ASAP. The clean tone is awesome. The drive tone is good but will be improved with a speaker upgrade.

Nothing really. I researched long and hard before finally choosing the YCV20. I play a 2002 American Series Strat. This amp makes it sing and purr and growl and scream. I love it.

You won`t find anything built like this for 450 bucks. You`d have to spend 700 from anyone else for this build qaulity.

Great 15 watt amp. I play at home and this fits the bill. If you sometimes play out you may want to consider the YCV40 but that was too much power for me. This is a "boutique" amp for less than 500 bucks. It blows away anything all tube in that price range.

customfrank rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-14.

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