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My Tube-Tone Princeton is a hand wired custom built amp that mirrors the early 60's Fender Princeton. Its 15 watts pushing a 10 inch speaker in a finger-jointed pine box. Through Tube-Tone, I was able to customize the vinyl color and grill cloth color. I went with the Antique Blonde vinyl and the Wheat colored grill. I also added tilt back legs, a line out, stand by switch and an ac outlet on the back. I'm a pro that plays 225 to 270 shows per year. When I play with my band, the music goes from hardcore Blues and 50's rock to old school country and R and B.

I found the Tube-Tone site online. It was built and shipped to me for $1275

I like that this unit is brand new with all the best components but still sounds like a vintage amp. Its super clean sounds have really made me be a more responsible player and when you overdrive the 10 inch speaker its the perfect amount of crunch without washing out. I do however use a 'John Schwalls' modified tubscreamer in front. Its sturdy and perdy!I had a blues junior and a two tone...which is the same chassis as the blues junior but with a larger pine box. I quickly dumped those amps when I got used to my Tube-Tone. Its authentic sounding, rugged, good looking and most importantly its versatile with the multiple styles of music I play.

My initial amp had a blown transformer in it when I first received it and I had to send it back but Raybob (the owner) was real quick to make things right. The rear panel was also cut wrong in that it blocked the power chord receptor. That took a month to get that back but its fine now.I was initially told 6 weeks on the delivery of the amp and it took 8 weeks.

This is a finger-jointed pine box. Very sturdy.As mentioned, all the wire, input jacks etc are top of the line.

Tube Tone is basically Raybob Bowman making custom amps.My amp is hand built by a dude who is passionate about what he does...and he's a good player too....believe me, that matters. I like the fact that I was able to add and subtract features of my Princton and that I now have an authentic sounding, rugged, good looking amp. And ,most importantly, its versatile with the multiple styles of music I play. I love it! The bottom line is this: Would I get another one? The answer is YES!

rated this unit 5 on 2010-11-01.

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